At Sterling Sound, we don’t just record audio. With years of experience behind them, our engineers strive to produce high-quality audio that is within brief and within budget, often drawing on their own creativity to enhance the final product with original sound design and music composition.

By partnering with Bluenoise Productions, Sterling Sound Music is able to offer an elevated standard of music composition and production in an organic process that is driven by client feedback at every stage. Aside from the skills of our engineers (all of whom are accomplished musicians in their own right), we are also able to provide access to some of South Africa’s finest session musicians, ensuring that the client is left with a jingle or track that is as well-produced as it is memorable.

For recording sessions that need to stretch cross country (or even internationally), we are able to link up to other studios via ISDN or Source Connect.

Our equipment includes the following:
*** Three state-of-the-art audio suites (Pro Tools)
*** Remote audio editing Pro Tools system (for location voice and foley recording)

As the baby of the three audio suites, Studio 3 is ideally suited to music production, library music searches, auditions and pitch/pilot recordings.

In addition to the above services, we also offer the following production services:
  • Voice artiste recommendations and bookings
  • Library music licensing
  • Material delivery to stations
  • Translations and language supervisors (outsourced)